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Robert’s Farm Equipment & McGavin Farm Equipment Merger Announcement


We are very pleased to announce that Roberts Farm Equipment Sales Inc will be merging with McGavin Farm Equipment, effective June 1, 2019. This is a very exciting event for both companies, for our employees and all of our customers.


The merger will help us to solidify our market position by providing a full-line of equipment and services for our customers, in a larger geographic area. It will also provide more opportunities for career growth for our employees as we continue to grow our business. Our greatest assets have always been our employees and customers and by joining the two companies together we will only enhance our expertise and experience.


We feel very strongly that the family values that both of our companies uphold is critically important for us because we want to ensure that we maintain the family atmosphere moving forward.  It is very important that everyone understands that this is a merger, not an acquisition. The relationship that McGavin’s and Robert’s currently have has made this a very easy decision and we are excited to make this next step with each other.


For our customers the merger will allow us to offer a full line of equipment. We will continue to strengthen our position by strategically growing our products and services. We will create a brand that is recognized for delivering quality products and services. We will continue to be a prominent partner in community projects and events.


Our focus is on the future and providing excellent products and services to our customers.


Merger will be effective June 1st 2019




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