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GPS Solutions

GPS Solutions

Farm Smart With New Holland Precision

New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM®) is developing leading edge SMART Solutions for managing the entire crop production cycle.

New Holland Precision FM750 GPS Guidance Display

FM750: Intuitive Precision

The FM-750 is a multi-functional guidance display that offers key precision agriculture functionality and is compatible with a wide range of accuracy levels. It is an ideal solution for almost any crop type, field shape or soil type.

New Holland Precision EZ-Guide 250

EZ-GuideTM 250 Lighting the Way

The entry level guidance solution allows you to explore GPS guidance through a simple and affordable light-bar display. A light-bar based guidance system provides you with visual feedback to keep you on your intended path. You simply need to follow the green lights to stay on the right path. It shows you which direction you need to steer in and by how much to keep your machine on the straight and narrow. Affordable, high quality, guidance system suitable for broad acre.

New Holland Precision PLM Isobus Task Controller

PLM ISOBUS Task Controller

Control mixed fleets of compliant ISOBUS compatible implements using your integrated New Holland IntelliView IV display.
• Send commands to an ISOBUS compliant implement to modify its actions based on GPS position
• Automatically switch on/off planter sections
• Prevent seed and fertilizer overlap
• Control application rates with prescription maps

Benefits of New Holland Precision Land Management

• Automatic steering for straight field patterns
• Set up permanent wheel tracks for subsequent field work
• Extend hours of operation by reducing fatigue
• Reduce overlap, saving time and costs
• Increase productivity

More GPS Solutions

Farmers Edge


Kubota Cellutrak Control


Cellutrak Canada, Inc., optimized Ituran, offers military technology for the location, recovery and prevention of vehicle theft. Cellutrak offers a comprehensive range of GPS location systems and management solutions for professionals (fleet management of trucks, trailers or machinery) and consumers (cars, snowmobiles, watercraft, motorcycles and recreational vehicles).

CONTROL™ is a customizable real-time tracking, theft prevention and telematics solution for fleet management. Designed especially for Kubota dealers. CONTROL™ is available in two packages, Basic or Advanced. Both packages offer cost-effective solutions that enhance productivity while saving you time and money.

Equipping your equipment with Cellutrack allows you to:

• See where your equipment is located anywhere in the world
• Have full control of your equipment with remote engine enable or disable
• Review reports on your equipment to help you see usage trends and over time.


Meet Our GPS Solutions Experts

Chris Dahms

GPS Solutions Expert

Chris is your go to guy for all GPS Solutions. Contact him for more info at 519-357-8599 or