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About Roberts

Over 50 years of customer service!
Our family to yours for 5 decades...

We've been in the family for over 50 years. As a family-owned and operated business that serves the community and many family farms, we think of ourselves as being all in the family.

Those 50 years have taught us a great deal about what really matters. We sell some of the finest products in the market, but our customer service is second to none. It's who we are.

Roberts: A Story Of Service

Roberts Farm Equipment Sales
Roberts Farm Equipment Sales / Service

Robert Osterndorff, Robert's Farm Equipment founder, began working as a mechanic in 1959 for Ahrens' Sales and Service—the Ford dealer for the Hanover area. In 1964, he married Grace Frook and began farming. When Ahrens' closed that year, Robert started his own repair shop on the farm. This business was registered as "Robert's General Repair."

In 1968, Robert was approached by a Ford Motor Company representative and asked to take on the Ford tractor franchise. In September of that same year, the business officially opened on the Osterndorff homestead.

In 1989, Robert's Farm Equipment relocated to its current location on County Road 10, southeast of Chesley. Since then, the business has continued to grow and prosper under the guidance of Robert and Grace’s two sons, Bruce and Brian. In 2006, we expanded the business by purchasing Reavie Farm Equipment in Lucknow. In 2010, we opened our third location in Mount Forest, when Lloyd and Cathy Watson retired from Watson Tractor, and their staff joined Robert’s Farm.

Since Robert passed away in 2004, Robert’s has remained family-owned and operated. Our business remains very rooted in Dad’s values and vision for service and community. While we’ve grown and experienced change, those timeless values have been our bedrock—and the reason the link between our company, the community, and our customers has remained so strong.